Working Woman, PartySnake Women.

20 Nov

So, yesterday I was offered my first “big girl” job working for a great company downtown Vancouver.

This means: new wardrobe, new attitude and probably new vocab.  No more throwing f-bombs in place of real words cause I’m too hung to think of what to say.  (That being said, it has currently taken be approx. 6 mins to type this short paragraph. Ughhh.)

PartySnake party was last night at the RickShaw and afterwards Fortune.  Let’s just say that ordering yourself a beer with a shot of vodka in it, and sculling Monster drinks at 7pm without eating dinner is not a good idea.  Once again, lost $200 out of my back pocket, woke up covered in bruises and was face washing everyone I saw at the bar.  I apologize to those who may have crossed my path of destruction last night.

Hey, I don’t start being a grown up until January so just getting it out of my system!  Sure beats last year when Brockle and I drove back up to Whistler with Caley and Amanda and I was puking out the back window of my own car. Wickedddd.

Thank god for good friends. ❤



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